Mumbai, 22nd December 2020: SSBA Innovations is pleased to announce an investment of $1 million from Zenith Global, UAE. The funds will fuel the market outreach of our brands TaxBuddy.com & Finbingo.com and deepen the connection with users.

“This has been possible because of the optimum use of technology for services to clients. For us, the client comes first and we fit technology to the needs of the clients — what we call ‘human technology’. Perhaps, TaxBuddy is the first in India to automate tax planning and also notices management,” said Sujit Bangar, founder of TaxBuddy.com and Finbingo.com.

SSBA Innovation also owns finbingo.com a new age personal finance and investment advisory platform built with the power of artificial intelligence. With features like ‘Portfolio Doctor’, it offers you an in-depth, unbiased look at your financial health and recommends investment options most suitable for your life goals.