Financial Life Goals

Your dreams are within your reach now

Our intelligent robo-advisor is waiting to begin assisting you with your goals.
Simply set your goals and allow the AI-driven tool to start helping you reach them.

Whether it’s for your retirement, further education, a dream vacation (or two), marriage, a home, a car, kids’ education, building long-term wealth, or creating a sustainable income stream, our robo-advisor will help you get there.

No matter what your goal or how unattainable it appears today, just tell us your funds requirement and when you think you’ll need them. We will crunch the numbers and tell you by when you will be able to reach those goals.

How it works
We will require you to enter all your financial data. This includes assets, liabilities, insurance and pension plans, income, expenses, etc.

Wealth Builder uses this as the base to create financial data points to assess the feasibility of your life goals.

Here are some of the goals that people start to work on:

• A safety net
One of the first goals to start working on is to put aside money in an emergency fund for life’s unplanned bumps.

• Your retirement
It might seem a long way off today, but a retirement is the one of the biggest truths for all of us. Our intelligent robo-advisor will help you save for your retirement at the time in the future that you envision. The robo-advisor takes care of inflation, your spending habits and needs at the time of retirement to come up with a retirement-ready strategy.

• Building a corpus
Rich people have money, while wealthy ones have time. If you wish to build a corpus over time for a future that is uncertain or just to be able to make plans on the fly, then you must consider this as one of your financial goals.

• Planning for a child
Begin saving for school and college, select life insurance and forecast your future needs.

Set your own Financial Life Goals

Everybody has a dream.
Whether it’s planning for retirement, further education, marriage, purchasing a home, a car, funding a child’s education or simply creating a sustainable income stream, our robo-advisor will help you fulfill your financial goals.

Your Dream Car

Walk into the showroom and drive out in your own car. This need not be a far-off dream, but it can easily be reality. All you need to do is plan for it a bit.
We’ll show you how.


A wedding is an occasion in everyone’s life, where people wish to pull out all stops. With a little foresight and planning, it is possible to have the dream wedding you’ve always wanted.

Children’s Education

Whatever your child desires to become – a doctor, an astronaut, a filmmaker, an artist, an engineer or a lawyer – you can be ready to give wings to their dreams.
Start today.

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We have a set of wealth building and tax planning tools that can assist you in preparing for your future.


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